Smog Hog® SHM-12-1 Media Mist Collector Parker 1500-2000 CFM

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The SMOGHOG® Type SHM is a self-contained mist collector unit that can be mounted directly on a machining center or mounted remotely connecting to single or multiple machines with ducting.  This mist collector features inlet sump/plenum with drain, three stage filtration process, touch screen controller and integral motorized impeller blower assembly with EC motor, designed for industrial service.

It incorporates proprietary, state of the art coalescing filter media technology built into a tubular filter arrangement that optimizes drainage.  The SHM three stage filtration process consisting of:

  • 1st Stage is a 2” fine fiber aluminum mesh pre-filter
  • 2nd Stage is the primary coalescing stage featuring PEACH Saturated Depth Coalescing technology or a 95% ASHRAE rated fiberglass nine pocket primary filter
  • 3rd Stage is an optional 95% ASHRAE or 99.97% HEPA filter.

The highly advanced filtration PEACH® Saturated Depth Coalescing media provides an open 3-D depth matrix structure that allows liquids to saturate the media depth and grow to fullest potential then drain with gravity while running and when the droplet is ready, all while maintaining a low differential pressure.

  • Each SHM mist collector is engineered to your specific requirements:
  • From filter media selection to the orientation of the inlet, the flexibility saves time and money during installation while providing optimal performance in your plant.
  • The SHM was designed with service and reliable operation in mind. Tool-free filter change and simplified filter removal are just a few features that will save you time and money associated with maintenance and operation.

Airflow is provided by a motorized impeller featuring an Electronically Commutated (EC) motor with variable speed control for precise airflow adjustment.  This EC motor offers low energy consumption as compared to standard induction motor technology.  The blower and controls are prewired with a single point termination for supply power.   Airflow and blower RPM are adjusted by means of the touch screen controller with optional AutoFlow feature that will automatically make necessary adjustments to maintain airflow.

The touchscreen controller provides visual indication of filter and blower status and is available integrally or in a remote enclosure.  Clean air exhaust is diffused vertically from the unit and directed away from the work station.

Each unit includes an integral sump with drain connection for runoff of collected liquid contaminants.   This fully welded sump base is sloped to the center for improved drainage, includes four stub legs with foot pads for simple, easy installation.  Sump has 10” inlet bolt patterns for left, right or rear duct connection(s).  Inlet collars and blank cover plates can be ordered to facilitate ducting.


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Standard Unit Includes:

  • Standard supply power is 380-480 Volt / 3 Phase / 50-60 Hz with option for other input voltages.
  • Fully welded inlet plenum/sump (sloped to center) with 1-1/2” drain, stub legs and foot pads
  • 2” coalescing mist-stop pre-filter
  • 95% ASHRAE rated oil mist fiberglass nine pocket primary filter cassette
  • Overall construction of the SHM housing is 12 ga. ASTM hot rolled steel with a pressure rating of negative 10” W.G.  The SHM unit is epoxy powder coated, inside and outside. 
  • Maximum operating temperature of 120ºF.
  • Integral motorized impeller fan motor
  • Touch Screen Controller for visual indication of system status and for variable airflow control
  • Low noise level collector at less than 75 dBA

Optional Items Include:

  • Unit inlet collars/plates (6”, 8” and 10”)
  • Housed Safety after-filters (95% ASHRAE Oil Mist or 99.97% HEPA)
  • Remote control packages
  • Auto flow speed control package to automatically control and measure air volume
  • External Sump pump 
  • Custom paint colors
  • Drain loop trap assembly
  • Floor mount leg extension kit

IN STOCK. Factory Fulfilled by Parker.
SHIPS WITHIN: 20 Weeks Depending on Options,

WARRANTY: For detailed warranty information, please contact us directly. Warranty For Parts and Service


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Weight700 lbs
Dimensions30.5 × 28.5 × 75 in


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