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The KLEENTEK Electrostatic Oil Conditioner is a self-contained, dedicated oil cleaning system designed for installation on hydraulic and lubricating systems for the prevention of Oil vanishing issues. The system is wired for 120VAC/1ph/60Hz. An integral High Voltage power transformer provides 10-12 KVDC to the central electrode in the cleaning chamber, producing a high potential electrostatic field between the electrode and the ground surface of the collector. As the oil passes through the cleaning chamber, flowing upward through the pleated collector and parallel to the electrode and ground surfaces, suspended contaminants as small as sub-micron are forced by the voltage field against the pure cellulose collector media and removed from the oil.

The ELC-R Models (Previously the DOC-N) utilize an embedded microprocessor in a solid-state color digital control box design for unit operation and status. A Touch screen display combined with LED indicators provides system operating parameters, alarm condition information, the number of run-time hours since the last collector change, and the total operating hours for the system. Controls are also provided for pump/motor rotation and indicators for proper unit operation. The units also have a standard flow meter and casters as stock items.

Units are custom ordered and take 2-3 months for delivery from Japan.  Price includes freight to your destination in the US or Canada.

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  • Oil oxidation products create operational problem for solenoid valve and servo valves. Electrostatic oil cleaner, EOC, is very effective way for removing them.
  • Reducing the maintenance cost, i.e., eliminating overhaul cost of servo valves as well as replacement costs of components such as pumps, and reduction of steps.



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