Boss High Speed Abort Gate

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Engineered With Triple Security to Exceed National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Safety Requirements

EcoMAXX™ High Speed Abort Gates are engineered with TRIPLE SECURITY.

Activation by over pressure & without electrical signal
Activation by electronic spark detection signal
Activation by rapid temperature increase in clean air duct plenum
A High Speed Abort Gate is a NFPA required safety device that is necessary when potentially hazardous filtered air is returned to a building or workspace. It’s designed for installation in bag house and dust collector return air systems to automatically vent harmful gases to atmosphere, should a fire and/or explosion occur. 


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Standard Features

  • NFPA Compliant
  • 24VDC control panel with status lights for connection to spark detection system (110VAC is available on request)
  • Weather hood
  • Bird Screen
  • Manual rearm (sizes 8 “– 12”)
  • Manual ream with pneumatic switch (sizes 18” and larger)
  • Epoxy powder coated safety red finish
  • Flanged inlet & outlet
  • NFPA compliant with spark detection system
An EcoMAXX® High Speed Abort Gate is an essential SAFETY SMART component in any dust collection combustible dust mitigation solution.
EcoMAXX® High Speed Abort Gates are engineered with TRIPLE SECURITY.

  1. Activation by Spark Detection System
  2. Activation by Thermal Probes (Detection of a rapid temperature rise in the dust collector)
  3. Activation by over pressure & without electrical signal

NOTES: 1. Manual Reset by handle – 2. Manual reset by switch – 3. 430 millisecond closure time – 4. 480 millisecond closure tim

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8, 12, 18, 24, 28, 34, 40, 44, 50, 58



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