SDC-210 Shaker Dust Collector Parker-DustHog

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The SDC can be Configured To Meet All Your Design Needs.

The DustHog® SDC Series is an engineered to order solution built to meet your specific requirements.

With our multiple discharge options, you can select the hopper and drum or drawer arrangement that best meets your needs or budget.

Convenient dust disposal styles range from 20- or 55-gallon drums, bin vents or custom configurations. Protect your equipment investment, employees and facility with our Optional safety equipment: such as sprinkler connections and explosion venting that meets NFPA standards for regulatory compliance may be added (call).

For the dirty air inlet, choose from slip collar, flanged or quick-fit duct connection styles to best suit your facility set up.

By adding the silencer option to your system, you can place the unit in noise sensitive areas while protecting your workers and students and complying with OSHA noise limits.

With multiple airflow control options, you can increase your operational savings by extending the filter life of your system.

Boss Explosion High Speed Abort Gates and Boss NRV Explosion No Return Valves can be purchased separately.


Choose hopper Size* Required

Hooper are 60 Deg sloped or Drawer Base-Drum Not Included

Clear selection

Choose Filter Media type* Required

Standard is PolySateen, See Description for Choice

Clear selection

Motor Blower * Required

Choose Motor Blower

Clear selection

Blower Damper* Optional

Choose a Outlet Damper for the Blower

Clear selection

Silencer* Optional

Silencer for Reducing Noise Below 85 dBA

Clear selection

Choose Inlet type connection* Required

Slip Fit inlet or flanged inlet

Clear selection

Controls* Required

Choose type of Controls for Shaker and/or Starters and shaker controls.

Clear selection

Remote Start Stop Button* Optional

Remote Start Stop Button

Clear selection

Drum Size* Optional

Drum Size

Clear selection

Drum Lid Kit* Optional

Lid Kit for Top of Recommenced for 20 Gal or 55 Gal option.

Clear selection

Slide Gate Kit* Optional

Adds a Slide Gate between collector and Drum

Clear selection

Magnehelic Gauge* Optional

Adds a Mountable Gauge for reading pressure differential on the filters.

Clear selection

Return Air After Filter * Optional

Choose from two efficiency of filters for Plant Air Return. (Transition Plenum not included.)

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How The Shaker Dust Collector Works

Dust particulate is captured within the shaker dust collector; as particle velocity decreases, the heavier fractions fall directly to the hopper while the fines are drawn against the inside surfaces of the bags. The filtered air expelled from the shaker dust collector may be recirculated within the building or released outside.

To clean bags, simply activate the integrated electric shaker system.  Shaker frequency varies according to the quantity and type of accumulated dust particulate. During the cleaning cycle, you are required to shut down the blower to allow particles to fall and settle down in the hopper.

  • Safer Work Environment—Improves indoor air quality by removing airborne pollutants while helping to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Energy Savings—Cleaned plant air can be recirculated to reduce exhaust and energy costs.
  • Easy Maintenance—Self-cleaning system and simple tool-free filter replacement.
  • Self-Contained System—Unit arrives with everything necessary to begin collecting dust.
  • Compact Design—Conserves valuable floor space and the unit can be located next to machinery.
  • Quiet Operation—Backward-inclined blower wheel improves operating efficiency and reduces unnecessary noise.
  • Flexible Performance—Designed to meet your exact requirements.
  • 95% ASHRAE / HEPA After filter for toxic dust.
  • Top Mounted Blower Module
  • Heavy Duty Construction Heavy gauge steel construction with powder coated finish inside and out creating a durable and reliable product.
  • Simple Filter Maintenance Cam-action mechanism and underside end cap handle facilitates fast, simple and tool-free filter removal and installation.

Additional Info

Weight710 lbs
Dimensions29 × 29 × 111 in


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SDC Installation and Owners Manual (44-10480-0001)

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