Fred JR Portable Dust and Fume Collector



Ensure safe breathing zones for your workers with our FRED Jr. Portable Fume Extractor.

Removing weld fumes, dust and other airborne contaminants right as they are produced, the FRED Jr. is designed for easy transport and positioning. Equipped with a Merv 15 rated Nanofiber filter that captures airborne contaminants as small as 0.5 micron, cleaner air is guaranteed. The FRED Jr.’s flexible 10’ externally articulated capture arm allows for easy positioning so you can remove contaminants at the source.

Outperforming its competition, the high suction and capture velocity of the FRED Jr. extracts and filters dust and fumes further from the hood.


  • Compact, portable and easy to maneuver
  • Capture-at-source for cleaner air
  • Compliant with OSHA guidelines for controlling weld fumes


  • 120 volt, single phase
  • Flexible 10’ externally articulated capture arm
  • 1.5HP TEFC motor producing 1200 CFM at the hood
  • 26” easy-to service Nanofiber filter (MERV 15)
  • Rotary starter with 15’ power cord and casters


  • Choice of flexible, externally articulated capture arm: 6.5’, 10’, 13’
  • Automatic self-positioning, Fume Tracker™ capture arm
  • 3.0 HP 1800 CFM High-Static Motor [230/460/575V 3PH]
  • Odor Absorption Kits
  • Minihelic Gauge
  • Spunbond Polyester Filter Cartridges (washable)
  • Afterfilter module, with HEPA Filter
  • Hood mounted LED light kit

IN STOCK. Factory Fulfilled by Diversitech.
SHIPS WITHIN: 5-25 DAYS Depending on Options, WARRANTY: For detailed warranty information, please contact us directly. Warranty For Parts, Service and Repair by:Diversitech.


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Fred JR

• Rugged, externally articulated capture arm •

• 320 SQ.FT. High-efficiency Nanotech filter •

• Motor starter with 15’ power cord & casters •


Additional Info

Weight88 lbs
Dimensions33 × 96 × 33 in


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Technical Specifications

Model (Product Number)Motor (H.P.)Air Flow (CFM)Volts/Phase/HzAmpsNet Weight1Width1Height1Length1Cord Length (ft.)Arm Length (ft.)Arm DiameterFilter Type
FRED-JR-015N11.5 HP1200120V/1/60Hz13.2194 lbs32.5963315106″Nanotech MERV 15
FRED-JR-06-015N11.5 HP1200120V/1/60Hz13.2186 lbs32.582.533156.56″Nanotech MERV 15
FRED-JR-13-015N11.5 HP1200120V/1/60Hz13.2204 lbs32.51093315136″Nanotech MERV 15
FRED-JR-06-030N23.0 HP1800230V/3/60Hz7.1186 lbs32.582.533156.56″Nanotech MERV 15
FRED-JR-06-030N43.0 HP1800460V/3/60Hz3.7186 lbs32.582.533156.56″Nanotech MERV 15
FRED-JR-06-030N53.0 HP1800575V/3/60Hz3.2186 lbs32.582.533156.56″Nanotech MERV 15
FRED-JR-030N23.0 HP1800230V/3/60Hz7.1194 lbs32.5963315106″Nanotech MERV 15
FRED-JR-030N43.0 HP1800460V/3/60Hz3.7194 lbs32.5963315106″Nanotech MERV 15
FRED-JR-030N53.0 HP1800575V/3/60Hz3.2194 lbs32.5963315106″Nanotech MERV 15
FRED-JR-13-030N23.0 HP1800230V/3/60Hz7.1204 lbs32.51093315136″Nanotech MERV 15
FRED-JR-13-030N43.0 HP1800460V/3/60Hz3.7204 lbs32.51093315136″Nanotech MERV 15
FRED-JR-13-030N53.0 HP1800575V/3/60Hz3.2204 lbs32.51093315136″Nanotech MERV 15

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