MCB-03-H Backdraft Wall Cartridge Dust Collector Parker-DustHog

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Improve Worker Productivity and Safety Using Our DustHog® MCB Series Dust Collector

It has been designed with your employees in mind. Helping your factory comply with OSHA regulations, it offers:

  • The most efficient fume removal The MCB unit creates cross-draft ventilation that eliminates hazardous contaminants before recirculating clean air. Plus, the MCB prevents fine dust from migrating to areas with sensitive electrical and mechanical equipment— reducing facility maintenance.
  • Freedom of movement Since there are no obstructions from source capture devices, workers can perform their jobs without the need for fume arms, hoods or other barriers that can interfere with manufacturing operations and part movement.
  • The lowest sound levels Offering the industry’s quietest environmental control booth, the MCB unit uses an enclosed pulse cleaning system that limits sound levels up to 50% less than competitive models.
  • The MCB offers best in class filter technology, easy to use and operate controls, energy efficiency with simplified maintenance and operation.

The DustHog® MCB cartridge dust collector provides a safe, effective and convenient solution to handle dust collection applications including thermally generated fumes from welding, laser / plasma cutting operations as well as other common nuisance dusts.

  • All MCB Dust Collector comes with the industry’s best performing, most efficient standard cartridge filter. Independently certified at MERV 15, Protura Advanced Nanofiber cartridge filters last 50% longer than commodity filters, and are nearly 50% more efficient on sub-micron dust particles than MERV 13 filters.
  • Filter Technology and Performance. Powered by Protura® nanofiber filter technology, the filters offer high operational efficiency, low operating pressure loss and reduced compressed air usage that can be relied upon to protect your workers and facility.
  • Simplified Maintenance.  Service convenience is built into the MCB offering single side access, tool-free filter removal and enhanced dust collection drawer.
  • 10 Year Factory WarrantyUnits are Manufactured by Parker and typically TAKE 3-5 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY For Help with choosing the correct collector, system design, and ducting layout, as well as the many other Options available…Please give as a call 513-737-2677 or an email @ 

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The Parker/UAS MCB Freestanding, Pulse-Jet Cartridge Dust Collector removes Dust laden air

  • MCB modules in a horizontal pattern away from the breathing zone.
  • The impingement louvers at the air inlet cause an even distribution of the airflow across the width of the module as well as knocking down larger particles causing them to fall towards the dust collection drawers.
  • Dust is then collected on the cartridge filters.
  • The clean air passes through the unit and exits through the exhaust panels located on the top of the modules.

The MCB dust collector includes Protura NANOFIBER  MERV 15 high-efficiency cartridge filters.

  • The NANOFIBER surface layer fibers are to be no larger then 100 nanometers in diameter, and made of non-water soluble, continuously run filaments that are rated to be up to 99.999% efficient on 0.3 microns size particulate.
  • The cartridge filters are 39” in length x 12 ¾” OD and each provides 340 ft2 of media. 
  • The filters can be effectively cleaned either on-line or off-line with a reverse pulse-jet cleaning system, located entirely inside of the module.
  • Filters are accessed from the front of the module by opening the louvered doors.  No tools are required for cartridge removal.  Filters conveniently slide in and out of the cabinet using a Cambar locking bar mechanism that holds the filters in place during operation.  

The MCB modules are constructed with a 10-gauge frame and 12 gauge skin panels.

  • All metal components in the MCB are EPOXY POWDER COATED with gray polyurethane paint (500 hour, 5% salt spray rating) as standard.
  • Each module consists of (4) 1” Turbo pulse valves mounted on a 5” square x ¼” wall tubing compressed air manifold.
  • Compressed air can be connected to the module at one of four different connection points.
  • The connection points are 1” NPT and are located on the front and sides of the module.  Compressed air supplied should be clean, dry and at 90 – 110 PSIG.
  • The dust collection modules are independent systems that incorporate the following features.
  • Louvered air inlet door, two removable aluminum dust collection drawers (4.8 ft3 of dust storage), a backward inclined, airfoil wheel direct drive exhaust blower and high efficiency cartridge filters. 

The MCB Digital Pulse Controller consists of all power and control circuits necessary for proper operation of the MCB System.  The control panel is wired for 110v power.

DustHog MCB Product Specifications:

* Add additional 12.8” (325 mm) if after-filter option is included.
Industrial Applications

• Welding • Plasma&LaserCutting • BulkPowders • RoboticWeldCells • Stone • Fiberglass

MCB ModelsCFMCFM @ 3″ WGHP# FiltersTotal sq.ft. of MediaFace Velocity ft/mBooth Size W’ x H’ x D’
MCB-034,5003,500341,3602003′ x 7.5′ x 4′
MCB-06-01-H9,0007,0007.582,7202006′ x 7.5′ x 8′
MCB-09-01-H13,5009,50010124,0802009′ x 7.5′ x 8′
MCB-12-02-H18,00014,000(2) 7.5165,44020012′ x 7.5′ x 8′
MCB-15-11-H22,50016,500(1 ) 10 (1) 7.5206,80020015′ x 7.5′ x 8′
MCB-18-03-H27,00019,000(2) 10248,16020018′ x 7.5′ x 8′

Additional Info

Weight1080 lbs
Dimensions36 × 42 × 97 in


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MCB-03H drawing


MCB Operation Detail Drawing (44-10343-0001)

MCB Installation and Operation Manual (44-10345-0001)