The most effective electrostatic precipitator (ESP) Mist Collectors on the market today are the genuine Smog-Hog® SHN/SG Series, Mist Collection systems manufactured exclusively by Parker/United Air Specialists (UAS). No other ESP Mist Collector unit can match this system’s efficiency, effectiveness and long-term cost savings for the collection of oil smoke and coolant mist.

For more than three decades, UAS/Parker has invested in constant improvement of electrostatic precipitator technology. And, the Smog-Hog SHN/SG Series is made up of the most advanced ESP units available —better than electrostatic units of the past and superior to every alternative mist collection system.

Each SMOG-HOG®  self-contained Mist Collection unit is a two-stage Penney-type electrostatic air cleaner  (ESP) designed for industrial service. It incorporates a centrifugal blower with permanently lubricated ball bearings and is belt-driven by a totally enclosed fan-cooled motor. Airflow capacity is adjustable by means of a variable pitch motor pulley. High voltage, regulated switching (HVRS) power pack(s) provides up to 12 KVDC for ionizing and 6 KVDC for collection. The power pack(s) is UL recognized/CSA certified and is housed with an indicating lamp and other electrical components in a top mounted enclosure. Each Mist Collector unit is equipped with an integral sump and, where applicable, a drain connection for runoff of collected liquid contaminants. A four-way adjustable exhaust diffuser(s) provides directional control of the cleaned air.

  • SMOG-HOG® SG-6 230/460 VOLT 3 PHASE
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  • Smog-Hog® SHN-10 230/460 Volt 1HP
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  • SMOG-HOG® PCN 1HP BASE UNIT, 8″ INLET 115/1/60
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  • SMOG-HOG® SHN-20 230/460 VOLT 3 PHASE 2HP
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  • SMOG-HOG® SG-2 230/460 VOLT 3 PHASE
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  • SmogHog SHN40 Single Pass Sale!
    SMOG-HOG® SHN-40 230/460 VOLT 3 PHASE
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  • SMOG-HOG® SG-4 230/460 VOLT 3 PHASE
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Engineered to perform long-term, heavy-duty industrial air cleaning, MSH/SHN/SG units eliminate smoke, mist and dust generated by a variety of applications—brazing, casting, flame cutting, drilling, grinding, milling, screw machining and more. Also, these systems are available in a variety of sizes and versatile configurations to fit your company’s needs.

MSH/SHN/SG units are equipped with airflow capacities ranging from 400 to 9,000 CFM. Systems can be ducted, un-ducted, free hanging and machine-mounted, depending on your specific application— eliminating the need to give up valuable floor space in your facility!


MSH/SHN/SG mist collectors keep employees healthy and on the job by removing dangerous airborne contaminants that can cause respiratory problems. These powerful units eliminate dirty airborne particles before they settle on floors, land on expensive machinery or are inhaled—situations that can lead to accidents, workers’ compensation claims, OSHA compliance violations and expensive machine repairs.

Investing in the MSH/SHN/SG Series can also improve your company’s profitability by reducing energy and housekeeping costs. These systems recirculate air into your plant and reduce exhaust air make-up requirements up to 80%! Thousands of gallons of valuable resources such as cutting oils, lubricants, coolants and plasticizers are recycled each year by UAS’ SHN/SG Series customers.


SHN/SG units can be programmed to run continuously during and between shifts. This feature reduces the energy resources needed to power the system every day, as well as decreases the potential for contaminants to accumulate while the unit system is in the “off” mode.


UAS’ most recent improvement to the SHN/SG product line is the revolutionary Mist-Stop filter. Composed of heavy-duty aluminum mesh and a high-efficiency coalescing pad, the new filter dramatically reduces the amount of mist and smoke particles that pass through the Ionizer and ESP Collection Component. So, less time and money is spent servicing and cleaning a unit, because intervals between cleanings increase up to two to three times longer!

Another product enhancement is the newly expanded SHN cabinet design (pictured below). Now standard on all SHN units, the larger cabinet allows room for the 1″ aluminum mesh filter and optional 2″ Mist-Stop filter— eliminating the need to add an inlet plenum.

Mist-Stop filters are available for use on all MSH, SHN, SH and SG units that use an impingement plenum, as well as the newly expanded SHN systems.


All SHN, MSH and SG units use the same electrostatic precipitator technology to clean industrial mist and oil smoke. Both systems are available in a variety of sizes and configurations depending upon your company’s application. However, there are a few differences to consider when choosing the right ESP mist collector.

MSH and SHN systems collect oil smoke and mist particles, and handle airflows from 400 to 5,200 CFM. Comprised of an ionizer section and an ESP collection cell, SHN units can accommodate additional filtration options for heavy-duty applications. These filters, as well as the ESP components, conveniently slide in and out of the system for easy manual cleaning. MSH and SHN units can be ducted, un-ducted, machine mounted and or hung.

SG units collect high-volume oil smoke and coolant emissions, and are equipped for airflow capacities ranging from 2,200 to 9,000 CFM. Instead of using two separate components, these powerful systems employ a single ESP unicell, which combines the ionizer and collection cell.  SG systems can be ducted, un-ducted and or hung.

Depending on your specific application, airflow requirements and size restrictions, a Universal Air Systems representative can help you select the unit that matches your company’s industrial air quality need.