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MSH Series smog hog electrostatic esp mist collection
SHM 12 Iso Media Mist Collector

UAS/Parker ESP SmogHog® 

UAS carries one of the most effective mist/fume collectors on the market, the electrostatic precipitator. This collector is designed for the heaviest of fumes and mists. These collectors keep employees healthy and on the job by eliminating airborne contaminants that can cause respiratory illnesses. They eliminate particles before they land on the floor, preventing employee accidents, worker compensation claims, OSHA compliance violations and expensive machine repairs. We offer UAS Smog Hog ESP collectors, which are the most powerful models available.

How do ESP collectors work?

ESP Collector DiagramElectrostatic precipitator collectors electrically charge the large, microscopic particulate in a mist or fume stream which makes them stick like a magnet to an equally charged collection cell. They are highly efficient mist collectors that require no filters. The collection cell can be regularly cleaned and reused.

ESP Applications:

Electrostatic precipitators can be used for a large variety of applications.

These include:

  • Brazing, Casting, Flame Cutting, Drilling, Grinding, Milling, Screw Machining, Cold Heading, CNC particulate, Industrial cooking, Smokehouses, Soldering, Welding, Plasticizers, Textiles

These highly effective precipitators are ideal for heavy smoke and oily mist.

UAS Smog-Hog® ESP Collector

We recommend the Smog-Hog® as the most effective electrostatic precipitator. No other electrostatic precipitator can match the Smog-Hog’s efficiency, effectiveness and long-term cost savings. Every year thousands of gallons of valuable resources like cutting oils, lubricants, coolants and plasticizers are recycled by users of UAS’s Smog-Hog®.

These systems are available in a variety of sizes and versatile configurations to fit your company’s needs. Smog-Hog units have an air flow capacity ranging from 400 to 9,000 CFM. They can be ducted, unducted, free hanging, and machine-mounted.

UAS’s Smog-Hog’s® are set apart by their:

  • Reusable collection components. Eliminating costly filter replacement and disposal.
  • Flexible installation options. Accommodating many installation requirements including lack of floor space.
  • Low energy consumption. Increasing company profitability.
  • Contaminants drain off collection component. This reduces the frequency of unit maintenance and cleaning.
  • Units maintain consistent airflow. Allowing for continuous clean air circulation.
  • Low sound levels, eliminating the need for expensive silencers.

We have electrostatic precipitators available up to 40,000 CFM.


UAS/Parker Media SmogHog® and Absolent®

One popular type of mist-fume collector is the bag media collector. These collectors use a heavy media to soak the oil out of the air, eliminating the health and safety hazards that are caused by machinery that sprays an oil mist. This process allows the oil to be collected and either reused or disposed of.

Bag media collectors can be used in cold-drawing, gear cutting, grinding, CNC turning, forging, cold pressing and milling applications. Used for both wet and dry applications, the versatility of the baghouse and media collectors makes them ideal for use in grinding applications. They can handle both the coolant and the metal dust sprayed during the grinding process.

Mist collectors can be mounted directly on a machine center or mounted remotely connecting single or multiple machines with ducting. Media mist collectors can be engineered to each customer’s specific requirements. UAS products saves time and money during installation while still providing the best performance for your plant. They are also easy to maintain with tool-free filter changes and easy filter removal.

Different processes and fluids create a variety of contaminants and challenges. It is important that the right technology is used to ensure an effective and efficient air quality solution. Because UAS sells mist collectors from many different suppliers, we can make sure the system you purchase is right for your specific application.

SmogHog® SMH

The SmogHog SMH from UAS supplies media mist collectors that feature state of the art coalescing filter media technology in a 100 percent synthetic blend of fibers built into a tubular filter arrangement that optimizes drainage. This results in great removal efficiency and long filter life.

The Smog-Hog SHM features

  • Units can be Ground mounted, Machine mounted, or Hung from the ceiling.
  • Motorized impeller with speed control for precise airflow adjustment.
  • Blower and controls prewired with single external termination.
  • Touch screen controls with 24VDC wiring which provides an additional layer of product safety
  • Made of heavy gauge steel construction with powder coated finish inside and out
  • Inlet plenum configured to allow inlets on left, right or rear module
  • Sloped oil drain sump with drain plugs on the left side of the product to collect and recover fluid

The Smog-Hog SHM uses a three-stage process for air filtration:

  • Fine fiber, aluminum mesh pre-filter reduces mist concentration and removes coarse contaminate such as large droplets and metal chips.
  • The primary filter is engineered with PEACH coalescing filter cartridges or fiberglass envelope bags depending on the application.
  • A safety after-filter available in ASHRAE 95 percent oil mist rated filter or HEPA configurations. This filter removes the remaining small concentration of fine particulate.

Three airflow paths in the Smog-Hog SHM results in the removal of 99 percent of contaminants. Air moves radially (directly through the media), axially (a stair-step path), and helically (a corkscrew air pattern). Different processes and fluids create a variety of contaminants and challenges.

The Absolent type A•mist Oil mist collector features one of the most effective systems in the world for cleaning oil mist.

The series of central collector units consists of parallel modules which are dimensioned after the needed air-flow. The advantages of central collectors are a cheaper installation, easier service because of less service points and the possibility to lead the process air through a heat exchanger. Lead for example the process air outside during summer and back into the premises at winter time. The highest possible collecting efficiency. The filtered air becomes so clean that it usually can be returned to the premises. This means less loss of energy and a more balanced ventilation. Extremely low maintenance. Absolent collectors can usually run for at least one year without requiring a filter change. Moreover, A•mist cassettes can usually be washed.* This results in a low total cost of ownership. A very reliable filter unit. The fan, as the only moving component, is placed at the clean-side to minimize wear & tear