The Plug-n-Play is exactly as the name describes, easy to install and begin dust collection for your operation. The PNP is not only equipped with the best in class filter technology, ProTura® DH nanofiber but you will find this DustHog also delivers energy efficiency with simplified maintenance.

  • Easy to install, including pre-wired blower with a small footprint.

  • Easy to Operate.  The PNP features an integrated touch screen controller that controls the fan and filter cleaning system. The interface alerts users when maintenance is required and allows users to manually or automatically adjust air volume as needed.

  • Straightforward monitoring and operation of filter pressure, cleaning, hours of operation and general settings with the new touchscreen control feature

  • Flow control technology allows effortless airflow adjustments to optimize system performance without mechanical dampers or complex and expensive frequency drives while saving energy costs

  • Surface loading, high efficiency ProTura DH nanofiber filter media which is highly efficient (MERV 15) and capable of capturing respirable, submicron particulate. ProTura DH filters feature surface loading technology which reduces compressed air consumption during filter cleaning therefore extending filter life; benefit customers won’t find with others filters. Filter Technology and Performance.

Powered by Protura® DH nanofiber filter technology, the filters offer high operational efficiency, low operating pressure loss and reduced compressed air usage that can be relied upon to protect your workers and facility.

  • Quickly access and replace filters

  • The PNP can be custom configured for your unique needs, at the best industry lead times

•• Energy Efficiency.
An Electrically Commutated (EC) motorized impellor is featured on the PNP offering customers the latest in energy efficient technology.

**Simplified Maintenance.
Service convenience is built into the PNP offering single side access, tool-free filter removal and enhanced dust collection drawer.

For Applications including: Welding, Deburring, Grinding, Powders, Sanding, Dust, Buffing, Cutting, Brazing, Soldering.

Manufactured products from companies like  UAS/Parker

For Other Types of Cartridge Collectors:  Crossflow design, Down Flow Design

Units are Manufactured by Parker and typically TAKE 3-5 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY

For Help with choosing the correct collector, system design, and ducting layout, as well as the many other Options available…Please give as a call 513-737-2677 or email: 

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