Cyclones, Bag House Dust Collectors

The compact, shaker-style SDC Series dust collectors capture airborne pollutants at the source and clean their own filter media upon shutdown. Ideal for intermittent industrial processes like bin ventilation, grinding, packaging and sanding, the SDC installs easily.


SDC 140

It’s easy to make a big mess in your shop when using a power tools. Our dust collectors start at small, affordable machines that are portable to larger and more powerful collectors for running larger or multiple machines.

Dust Collection Chart

We specialize in solving all types of challenges, ash handling, ash chemistry, dust collection, equipment performance, emissions, filter cleaning, maintenance, gas flow distribution, gas composition/temperature and more. We have a breadth of solutions from compact baghouse dust collectors to heavy-duty freestanding solutions.

The C Series high-efficiency cyclone separator effectively removes large to moderate size particles (chips, metal grindings, sawdust) from the air stream. Used alone or with another dust collector, the Cyclone separates coarse contaminants from fine, non-visible particles and exhausts clean air.


DustHog Cyclone Collector