SFC 24 -3
SFC 2-2
Dust Bin Level Indicator

This Bin Indictor system uses Smart Sensors that measure fill-levels in bins via ultrasonic beams.

Our sensors can monitor any type of  non-explosive waste including:

  • Smoke Dust
  • Woodworking Chips
  • Mixed waste
  • Metal, Paper,Plastics, and Glass)

In bins and containers of various types and sizes. This solution is a result of a need in the market place for a low cost easy to use product with superior performance and reliability.

  • Alerts user when dust bin has reached a preset fill-level using an adjustable Ultra sonic sensor.
  • PLC Controlled
  • 120 Volt Power
  • Installs in minutes to any size, shape, or type dust container! 
  • User controlled fill-level can be adjusted for distances 1.57″ to 11.81″ (40-300MM) from the sensor head. Includes necessary wiring and installation instructions.
  • Ideal for use with wood dusts and other general dust collection applications.
  • Can be integrated into a building maintenance program.
  • Product takes 2 weeks to build and ship.  Made to order.
  • Options for Explosive dust please call.

These Bin Detectors will work on products Manufactured  from companies like Diversitech, PARKER, ETC..

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