Cartridge MCB Backdraft Wall Dust Collectors

Improve Worker Productivity and Safety Our DustHog® MCB Backdraft Wall Dust Collector Series has been designed with your employees in mind.

  • Helping your factory comply with OSHA regulations, it offers: The most efficient fume removal.
  • The MCB unit creates cross-draft ventilation that eliminates hazardous contaminants before recirculating clean air.
  • Plus, the MCB prevents fine dust from migrating to areas with sensitive electrical and mechanical equipment— reducing facility maintenance.
  • Freedom of movement Since there are no obstructions from source capture devices, workers can perform their jobs without the need for fume arms, hoods or other barriers that can interfere with manufacturing operations and part movement.
  • The lowest sound levels Offering the industry’s quietest environmental control booth, the MCB unit uses an enclosed pulse cleaning system that limits sound levels up to 50% less than competitive models.

For Applications including: Welding, Deburring, Grinding, Powders, Sanding, Dust, Buffing, Cutting, Brazing, Soldering.

10 Year Factory Warranty

Units are Manufactured by Parker and typically TAKE 8-10 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY

For Other Types of Cartridge Collectors:  Crossflow design,  Plug-N-Play

For Help with choosing the correct collector, system design, and ducting layout, as well as the many other Options available…Please give as a call 513-737-2677 or email: 

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