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Universal Air Systems offers both cost-effective disposable filter air cleaners and self-cleaning filtration systems for different budgets and application requirements. Our Ambient Air Cleaners excel at extracting welding fumes, collecting dust and airborne oil mist from production shops and welding bays. Our line of ambient air cleaners provide a self-cleaning option to reduce filter maintenance intervals and filter cleaning costs.

  • The Right Technology vs. What AvailableProven
  • High Efficiency Systems
  • Flexible and Modular Design
  • 110V units are easy to power up
  • Ease of Operation and Service
  • Easy Filter and dust removal access 
SCB Trunk Air Cleaner
SCA Ambient Air Cleaner

It’s easy to make a big mess in your shop, Warehouse, or Factory when using a power tools. Our dust collectors start at small, affordable machines that are Small to Large for your air cleaning needs.

Manufactured products from companies like Diversitech, PARKER, Air King.

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