Dust Collection Systems

Nation Wide Supplier of Industrial Dust Collectors 

Universal Air Systems is leading the Nation with innovative filtration technologies, solutions, and state of the art offering.  We offer superior industry knowledge, exceptional customer service, and a passion for providing the highest performance products,  ensuring a safer, cleaner and more sustainable working environment for your employees.

With over two decades of experience in original equipment and aftermarket filters to meet a variety of system types and configurations, we can satisfy whatever requirement is needed including customized solutions. Our ability to design a solution to fit your application begins with engineering expertise; proven by thousands of global installations.  Supported by many Factories with their teams of application Engineers and industry experience to deliver the industry-leading performance you expect. To learn more, view our Industrial Filtration Solutions Brochure.

Whether you are looking for portable, down draft benches, stand alone small or Full facility central dust collections systems, we are the ones for you.