Pipe and Nipples/Sleeves Nordfab

Nordfab QF Duct Pipe
Quick Fit QF Pipe

Nordfab Quick-Fit Duct Pipes cut installation and ducting-related downtime by more than 40% over traditional ductwork.

By effortlessly clamping together without special tools, screws, flanges, exact measurements, bolts or welds, Nordfab QF Pipes allow for quick assembly, disassembly, and relocation. For tougher applications, the Quick-Fit Duct Pipe is available in 16 gauge and 18 gauge.



Quick-Fit¨ Sleeve Galvanized 20ga 24QF
QF Sleeves/Nipples

The Nordfab Quick-Fit® Sleeve, also known as an Adjustable Nipple, is used to quickly provide variable length adjustments in ducting lines of QF Pipe.

Black O-ring is included. Specify Red O-ring if needed (additional cost) for higher temperature applications.

QF Sleeve seams are laser welded, preventing leakage.

Quick-Fit ducting components are adaptable to your existing ductwork and Quick-Fit has been used in a wide variety of applications, wherever dust collection or fine particulate transfer is required.